Root Canals

Root Canals

Monde Dental is your go-to dental care provider for root canal therapy in Toronto, Canada. Root canal therapy is a critical treatment for severely decayed, infected, or damaged teeth. It offers a lifeline for the affected tooth, helping to prevent extraction and extending the tooth’s lifespan significantly.


The term ‘root canal’ refers to a natural cavity inside the tooth housing the pulp chamber, the primary canal, and an intricate network of smaller branches. These branches may interconnect different root canals or link the root canals to the root’s surface. Often found near the root’s end (or apex), these tiny branches can occur anywhere along the root’s length.


During a root canal procedure, the dentist gains access to the pulp chamber located in the tooth’s crown, revealing the root canals within the tooth’s roots. The infected nerve tissue is removed, and the canals are then reshaped using specialized files. This process helps to smooth the walls and ensure no pulp tissue or infection remains. The canals are then filled with a special sealing material.

It’s important to note that a tooth often becomes fragile after root canal therapy. To prevent potential fractures, we recommend restoring the tooth with a crown or veneer following a root canal procedure.

At Monde Dental in Toronto, our skilled team of dentists are experienced in conducting root canal procedures. We urge you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss the best treatment options for your dental health. 

For inquiries or appointments, please call us at 416-551-7337. Let us help you restore your smile’s health and radiance.

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