Sport Guards

Sport Guards

At Monde Dental, Toronto’s premier dental care provider, we understand the importance of protecting your smile during sports and rigorous activities. That’s why we offer professional-grade sport guards that are custom-made to ensure your safety while you engage in your favorite athletic pursuits.


Sport guards serve a dual purpose. They are designed to safeguard your teeth from damage or dislodgement during high-intensity activities. Additionally, they offer an added layer of protection to your head and brain, reducing the risk of concussions.


While generic mouthguards are readily available in drug stores or sports shops, they often lack the fit and comfort necessary for optimal protection. A custom-designed sport guard, on the other hand, is crafted specifically to match the contours of your mouth. We create these by taking precise impressions of your teeth, allowing us to construct a sport guard that perfectly fits your upper mouth.

With a custom sport guard against Monde Dental, you’ll enjoy a perfect fit that’s not only comfortable, but also stays securely in place during activities. This contrasts significantly with off-the-shelf options that are typically ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and prone to dislodging during use.

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. If you’re in Toronto or the surrounding areas and are in need of a professionally made, custom sport guard, call Monde Dental at 416-551-7337. Our team of experts is ready to help you protect your smile while you enjoy the sports you love. Don’t compromise on your oral safety – contact us today!

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